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Protect Your Business Better with Fire Alarm Monitoring

A structure fire, such as a high-rise fire, can cause billions of dollars in damage. Four property classes make up half of high-rise fires including hotels, apartments, facilities that care for the ill and offices. No matter what type of business you have, fire can literally devastate it. Fires can happen in an instant, they damage inventory, property as well as customer records and threaten lives. You need commercial fire protection services in the form of fire alarm monitoring.

Why Fire Alarm Monitoring Is Important

Once you have a high-tech fire alarm installed, you can further protect your business with fire alarm monitoring. Fire protection can save your business and buildings if not more importantly the lives of customers and employees. Fire protection services do not stop once the doors are closed and locked. Some businesses are open 24/7 and require around the clock fire alarm monitoring. Commercial fire protection services give business owners peace of mind before, during and well after business hours.

Why Should Fire Alarms Be Monitored?

A lot of times it is assumed that because a fire alarm is installed it is always working. While there are people working within your business during normal business hours, what happens when you are closed for the holidays or just a few days? It stands to reason that your fire alarms will still go off when needed, but who is there to respond before major structural damage or damage to assets can happen? Fire alarm monitoring gives you the support your need so you can feel secure that your fire alarm system will be answered immediately once smoke is detected.

Choose a Fire Protection Service Wisely

Who should monitor your fire alarms? There are highly reliable companies available to provide 24/7 monitoring services with attentive and highly-trained professionals on staff. Within seconds of receiving an alarm, you should be contacted and local emergency personnel should be immediately summoned.

Fire protection companies guarantee that alarm signals are received no matter the conditions. They should be staffed for every hour of the day, every day of the week. Asset protection and fire safety experts provide the type of support and fire monitoring services that are valuable to your company. The also offer services that benefit every aspect of fire protection for your business including installations, repairs, inspections and maintenance all geared to keeping your fire system running smoothly.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Benefits Pay Off

Simply put, fire alarms can save lives and require monitoring to work effectively. When your goal is to safeguard every aspect of your business, a fire alarm system with monitoring services is an asset worth its weight in gold. Don’t worry about being panicked during a fire, your monitoring services are in full-effect the moment smoke is detected.

Having your alarm system monitored gives peace of mind while also saving you money. Many insurance companies require fire alarms are installed for your business and will offer better coverage too. This can save you hundreds of dollars when it comes to insurance costs.

What business owner doesn’t like the sound of additional safety? A monitored fire alarm provides the type of fire safety you want and need. You can rest assured knowing that your business is being kept safe when it comes to fire detection as well as system fails. Reliable monitoring teams also know when it is time to have your system checked for maintenance purposes. Monitoring and regular inspections also reduce the chances of dealing with false alarms. Professional techs are typically on staff to monitor your system accurately. Training is a big part of their job with certifications and refresher courses being required so top monitoring services are a continued experience.

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