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Transportation Isn’t A One Size Fits All Customizing Your Delivery With The Freight Forwarding Process

Air and ocean cargo. Point-to-point transportation. Eco-friendly delivery.

All of these terms can seem a little overwhelming for the business cutting its teeth on delivery options. Small businesses make up the majority of the American economy, after all, and they need to save every penny they can. The great thing about today’s cargo companies are all the options they offer. Door to door delivery is becoming a common choice for local brands, but air and ocean logistics are more flexible than ever. No matter what’s needed, a certified purchasing agent will find a logical match.

The first step is being honest about the needs of the business itself. Whether it’s attracting more customers or delivering faster, there are options. What could a freight forwarder Miami expert do to help you grow?

Cargo is as varied as the businesses that demand their services. Air cargo services hold the unique responsibility for managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, products, services, and people. They have tighter control over their cargo shipping processes thanks to the extremely time sensitive nature of flight. Businesses that need speed above all other factors would do well to choose American air cargo. According to IBIS World’s research, the air cargo industry has generated over $75 billion.

The air cargo industry, however, wouldn’t get as far if not for the efforts of ocean cargo. By value, ocean vessels are responsible for carrying 53% and 37% of American imports and exports. Ocean cargo is particularly useful for carrying extremely heavy equipment, large volumes of food, and shipping containers. The latter has become such a popular resource it’s even starting to see use outside of its intended purpose. Last, but not least, the freight forwarding process can shirk land and sea entirely.

Many businesses don’t have the budget for expensive air cargo or the time for ocean cargo. Point-to-point transportation is a lucrative option that keeps doors open — this method reduces the need for connection time by creating shorter stop points. This reduced distance also lowers the risk for car accidents and perished goods. The best way to store sensitive foodstuffs is using a combination of insulated packaging and dry ice. This can keep food fresh for one to two days.

In today’s information saturated world, customers want to know they’re getting the most bang for their buck. It’s not uncommon to find the average browser looking past the price to see if they’re purchasing a green bag or supporting a cause. Eco-friendly transportation is done through a variety of ways. The most common is using recycled boxes, bags, and bottles to ship goods. It’s also helpful to be clear about the benefits of point-to-point transportation (thanks to its reduced carbon footprint).

The freight forwarding process is designed to help match businesses with their ideal shipping options. Back in 2012 the global aviation industry transported an impressive $6 trillion worth of cargo, with no signs of slowing down. The world gets bigger by the minute and transportation options need to keep up. Direct cargo transportation services and point-to-point remain the most eco-friendly choice for businesses today. If you prefer speed, it might be worth asking your certified purchasing agent about air cargo.

It’s all a matter of choosing. Talk to international freight forwarders in Miami about the freight forwarding process and how you can use transportation to the fullest of its ability.

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