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Turning from Traditional Lumber and Wood to Staple Products for Increased Strength in Your Home

There are many staple products for construction and other projects, often with a long list that can be found before you ever begin. Whether you are looking to update your landscaping, a room inside your home, or take on another project, it is helpful to have all of the staple products before you even consider starting the work.

What is a Staple Product?

Staple products refer to the items needed to complete any project, primarily construction, remodeling, or landscaping. When these products are combined as instructed, you are able to complete a project of any sort. All of these projects have different properties, sometimes being more a portion of the actual working order of your home, where others are more for its appearance.

Different Types of Staple Products

With there being so many different types of staple products are needed for the different projects that help to update your home, planning the project from the very beginning is essential. Many of these products have different names that help define the areas where they will be used or the tasks that they can provide within a project. Some staple products include the description of the material from which they are made, such as “recycled.” Other staple products include more of description regarding their intended use. Any of these different products may include the following:

  • Landscaping boards
  • Plastic wood fence
  • Recycled plastic lumber
  • Weather resistance landscaping
  • Recycled plastic fencing
  • Polywood lumber
  • Recycled plastic landscaping timbers
  • Safe playground solutions

Some of these describe more than the materials themselves that are produced for the construction of certain projects. Sometimes there is more of a description regarding the eco-friendly capabilities of a staple product or the project for which it will be used. There is also the inclusion of the processes and systems where some of these products will be used.

Choosing Contemporary Over Traditional Staple Products

If you are looking to work more for the benefit of the environment, then there is plenty of reason to work with staple products that are made of recycled plastic and others. With the use of traditional lumber for certain projects, there are often more trees cut down every year than are grown around the world. With many of these products made of plastics and other materials having been around since early in the 20th century, there has been a great deal of time to get used to their strength and durability for home projects. Within one decade alone, from 2004 to 2014, the global production of plastics grew from 225 million to 311 million tons. At this point, there is much to gain in working with recyclable plastic rather than lumber that is harder on the disposal process.

Staple products have become so popular over the years because of their higher quality than lumber. Because wood tends to simply rot under the standard conditions of water, oxygen, and regular temperatures, there is no reason to rely on it having an incredible life without a great deal of work added. Therefore, the staple products that have been made available for both home remodeling and landscaping projects are now better options given the increased need to recycle and increase the strength of your home and yard.

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