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Two Ways to Make Construction Sites Safer

Crane safety training

Did you know that in 2009, jobs in the construction field accounted for more fatal injuries than any other industry? In fact, 20% of all workplace fatalities involve construction workers. Although construction work can be dangerous, it is possible to make the workplace safer by obtaining the best safety equipment and training. By taking these safety precautions, you and your fellow construction workers will be able to stay protected on the job.

– Safety equipment. There are several pieces of equipment that you must use when working on construction sites. Chain slings, for example, are durable hoists that allow you to raise and lower heavy objects, and full body harnesses are designed to prevent you from falling from high elevations. In fact, body harnesses feature comfortable designs that are durably connected to fall arrest devices, and this is important because falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. Fortunately, by obtaining chain slings and body harnesses, fatal injuries can be avoided.

– Safety training. Although safety equipment is a necessity, it is also essential to learn how this equipment works in order to utilize it properly. Not only do construction safety training courses teach you how to correctly use certain pieces of equipment, such as cranes and chain slings, but they also explain how to prevent injuries from occurring. For example, OSHA training is designed to teach employees about slip, trip, and fall safety. Since these types of courses train workers on how to avoid accidents, they help put a stop to on-the-job injuries.

Although construction work can be dangerous, there are several ways to make it safer. Obtaining the best equipment and training, for example, are two effective ways to prevent accidents from occurring. By taking these safety measures, you will gain the skills needed to stay safe on construction sites.

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