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Using High Quality Business Signs

For any business venture big or small, marketing and advertising is one of the top priorities. Every year, millions of dollars are spent at various firm to research new trend and strategies where marketing is concerned, and the numbers show that both high quality signage and digital marketing campaigns are effective. While the Internet is widespread and can communicate with people everywhere at high speed, digital marketing has not made high quality signage and outdoor signs obsolete. Rather, many companies today are simply taking both routes, which can make up for each other’s deficiencies. Digital marketing is its own topic, however. Businesses today can turn to custom sign companies, sign installers, and more to set up high quality signage on their buildings and premises. What do the numbers show about the advertising power of commercial signage?

The Advertising Power of Signs

Many studies and surveys can confirm how effective outdoor signs can be, and how integral they can be for any marketing campaign. For example, outdoor signage can be as effective as 24 full page newspaper ads per year, and it is believed that fully half of a new business’s customers will enter because of the signs that they see. Meanwhile, other studies have shown that around 85% of a typical business’s customers live within a five-mil radius of that business’s premises, meaning that high quality signage placed inside that area can efficiently advertise to many people at once. In a given week, a person may see that brand’s name as often as 50 or 60 times, which is a lot of exposure by many standards. On top of that, many Americans move per year, so every year, a business may get many new, fresh customers who are living in the area and seeing their signs.

Many surveyed customers and consumers also agree that signs are something to take seriously. Most often, these consumers say that a business’s sign’s quality and personality will reflect that of the business itself. Signs make a strong first impression, meaning that high quality signage with a clear and appealing message may inspire curiosity and trust in consumers, and urge them to visit. By contrast, an ugly, shoddy, or confusing sign may make a poor impression and draw in few customers. Other people might think: if a business can’t even be bothered to make a good sign, they may provide sloppy and cheap products or services, too.

Types of Signs

Where can signs be found, and what do they look like? A common example is billboards, which often rent out their ad space. Most often, these billboard are placed prominently by a road where there is little else to see, and thus they can draw a driver’s attention with ease. Often, billboards may advertise local attractions or businesses, or even local politicians running for office.

Meanwhile, many business signs are placed onto the company’s own building, such as right over the front door. This is a common practice for businesses built into strip malls, or in a crowded downtown area. In other cases, a large sign might be placed on the roof for prominence, and that sign may be larger than one that is placed over the front door. Often, signs are made out of a combination of wood, plastic, and metal, to make them durable for years while out on display. Signs with plastic faces may have light bulbs installed inside, to make them glow at night. Sign installer companies can be hired to put them in place, and sign repairs may be done once in a while.

Some signs run entirely on electricity. For example, business that operate at night such as nightclubs, bars, and movie theaters have many neon displays and signs on the outside and inside their premises. Smaller signs made with neon tubes can be attached to a bar’s front windows, too. Yet other signs might be an electronic ad screen, often placed in windows for display. These screens can show animated visuals or contain a slideshow of signs, thus acting as many signs in one. Schools and houses of worship may have a display on their front grounds with a scrolling marquee display in them, where light bulbs or LEDs can display text messages that are programmed in.

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