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Using Temp and Employment Agencies

For any company, the actual people who work there are the most important resource to invest in. Without skilled workers who can cooperate and put in their best effort, a company may struggle to succeed. Having an unmotivated work force can also be expensive; employee turnover can cost a lot, and no employer wants to deal with it. Instead, an employer can outsource the work of finding new employees to temp agencies, staffing agencies, and employment agencies in general to find skilled, motivated workers who will fit well into the workplace. These agencies can be found across the United States, such as temp agencies in Arlington, temp services in Dallas, and more. Often, for a given area, searching by name helps, such as “Temps agencies in Arlington for accounting firms”.

Temp agencies in Arlington, or in Dallas or San Francisco, perform a similar, broadly defined job as other staffing companies: sort through resumes and profiles of candidates to match them to a company. After all, a given employer’s human resources department, or HR, probably cannot handle, or at least cannot afford, to do all this work itself, so the labor is outsourced. Temp agencies, such as temp agencies in Arlington or Boston, will sort through candidates and match their skills, educational background, and personality to nearby employers who need such workers to fill labor gaps. Temp services find workers who will, as the name implies, work for a limited time at an employer to gain experience and skills while filling that labor gap for a short time. Over time, a temp worker may be promoted to a proper employee at a workplace, or else will build up enough skills to start looking for full time work. In this case, the candidate will submit his or her name to other employment services rather than temp staffing companies.

There is plenty of work in this business. It is estimated that some three million temporary and contract employees are working in American staffing companies in an average week, and the work can be comprehensive. In recent years, for example, nearly 93% of recruiters will look over a candidate’s social media profile, and undesirable content such as angry rants at a previous employer or videos or images of illegal or dangerous behavior may damage a candidate’s appeal to potential employers. Temp agencies in Arlington and elseewhre can be strict about a candidate’s personal image as well as professional.

Why the Work is Done

Using temp services and employment agencies is not done out of laziness; employers may not have a large enough department to find and hire all the best possible employees, and if the wrong people are hired, that can spell trouble. Around 57% of organizations have said that employee retention is a problem, and to validate that view, it has been shown that some 22% of new hires will, statistically speaking, leave their job after 45 days of being hired. This can be costly, too. More specifically, employee turnover can cost the employer anywhere from 30% to 150% of the former employee’s salary. This totals to $11 billion annually among all companies.

There are meaningful strategies that an employer can pursue to prevent this. For one thing, offering competitive salaries and benefits packages can go a long way to boosting the appeal of staying at a company, and that is just the start. Employees are people as well as sources of skill and labor, and if a person feels that s/he is not appreciated, or if his/her skills are irrelevant or unwanted, turnover is likely to follow. The employer can regularly show that every employee’s skills are indeed relevant and desired, and the employer can also open up opportunities for personal growth and skill development for all employees. Lack of such opportunities often drives high turnover rates.

On top of this, employers can regularly interview employees to check in on their self perceived value and growth, as well as their aspirations, and the employer can make use of this information to make employees feel valued and relevant to the workplace. Even simple words of appreciation and encouragement, while seeming trivial to some, can have a positive mental impact that can accrue over time, and keep the worker motivated and satisfied with his/her work life.

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